Summary: Calibration of your GlobalVision flatbed scanner

Before you align and calibrate the cameras, make sure that you have cleaned the scan area. An unclean scanning area will give you imprecise calibration results.

The camera alignment is fully automatic. Users only need to insert the single-pass scanner-maintenance sheet, activate the process through the maintenance wizard, the WIDEsystem software, and let the rest take care of itself.

Scanner should be warm

Make sure that the scanner has been turned on for at least five minutes prior to camera alignment and calibration. Slight light intensity changes and camera shifting can occur just after turning the scanner on and the warm-up time will ensure that light conditions and camera heights have stabilized.

Insert the calibration sheet

The wizard will ask you to insert the maintenance sheet that came with your scanner. The sheet’s printed side must be inserted face down. Align the arrow on the scanner platen to the arrow on the maintenance sheet. 

Start the scanner maintenance utility

Double-click on the WIDEsystem icon to open the program. Press the "Calibrate" button. The "Calibrate" window appears. 

Select "Full Calibration".

The program automatically analyzes the alignment and stitching status of the cameras, performs a basic calibration to ensure stable and clean scans by reducing noise and unwanted effects caused by dust particles, and perform a color calibration, using the ANSI IT8 standards to ensure stable and predictable colors every time.

The wizard will inform you when calibration is complete.

Wrapping up

Once calibration is complete, remove the scanner-maintenance sheet from the scanner, return it to its protective cover, and then place it in the storage folder. Store the folder in a dry place and out of direct light.