Release date: 18 Sep. 2015


  • Support for Artwork, Barcode, and Braille Inspection on the Mac.

  • Support for the Scan360.

  • Support for the booklet scanner.

  • Installer sets the default ports correctly for Login Management and License Server modules.

  • Corrected the grading for the Fixed Pattern Damage for a 21x21 QR code.

  • Corrected the detection of Data Matrix barcodes (sample specific).

  • Corrected the grading for modulation for MicroQR codes.

  • Corrected the detection of Braille dots (sample specific).

  • Corrected a crash when loading scanned samples saved as TIFF (sample specific).

  • Edges no longer cut off on a sample during inspection (sample specific).

  • Shape is detected correctly when used in combination with Crop Selection (sample specific).